Maybe the doctors will have a suggestion...
I whish
i knew...
Why is it so
hard to
Instead i've got everybody else feeding me crap about my past. Even though none of them were around when whatever it is what happenend to me .. actually happened!
The obvious part is i've 'changed'.-- But how?! And why? It's just a bunch of scattered images. I can't piece any of it together. And every time i close my eyes all i feel is pain.
I remember the pain. Then...
The light.
Like someone burning a hole in the middle of me. A hole so big everything pours out of me.
Then it stops.
And all i feel is the cold and heavy presence of darkness.
Every night it was the same pain. Light. Cold. Darkness. Again and again, until it finally woke me from my coma.
Maybe that's why i barely sleep at night. -- Maybe i wasn't supposed to wake up. Maybe i was supposed to stay where it's black.
Like the others.
Not again.
I need to
get more sleep than this.