Hunor Kovács

Software Engineer

email: [email protected]

phone: +4(0)740 834 527


current location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

source code:


5+ years’ experience, now as a Senior Software Engineer at iQuest, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

outsourcing for Financial Times, London, UK | |

Part of the team that is building, monitoring and maintaining the FT's publishing platform, its major back-end services, its APIs and databases. Responsible for all the articles, blogs, pictures, videos on the FT. Built a notifications app that proactively notify clients about new articles without the customers having to poll the endpoint. It is using a long-polling mechanism which is also Server-Sent Events compliant

Working with different types of databases: mongoDB, neo4j and ElasticSearch. My team reduced more than 2.5 times the backup of mongo and made it possible to save just the needed collections making it much easier to handle by any team member. Managing a micro-services environment using Docker, CoreOS, etcd, vulcand. On the move to Kubernetes.

Monitoring production over geographically distributed AWS clusters hosting 400+ services, continuously trying to improve our alerting strategies. Author of the basic concurrent structure of the health-check app that gathers the status of all apps of a cluster and surfaces an overall signal for ops but also letting load-balancers know if a cluster should not receive traffic. Doing in- and out-of-hours support based on a rota.

Contributing to the open-source community both personally and as part of my current job. Author of koauth lib. Excellent coding and scripting skills, extensive knowledge of UNIX/Linux, DevOps and Git. Passionate about computer science in general.


BS in Computer Science and Automation at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


studied abroad one semester at Informatics Enginnering at University Carlos III of Madrid

Fluent in English, Romanian, Hungarian native speaker and intermediate in Spanish

Code using Scala, Java and Go.

Keywords: Scala, Java 8, Go, Akka, Spray, Play, Scalatra, Rails, Dropwizard, Docker, CoreOS, Fleet, etcd, Kafka, Splunk, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Neo4j, Ontotext GraphDB, SparQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, Heroku, Google AppEngine, Puppet, Ansible, Python, Ruby, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Angular.js, sbt, Maven, Unix, UML.

sports, travelling and playing music